Types of Chemical Hose Material

Different material types can dramatically impact the useful life of your chemical transfer solution:  

UHMW Polyethylene: Will handle 98% of chemical transfer uses when the correct component parts are selected. Approved by FDA for food processing. Versatility and flexibility allow this material to service a variety of applications including acid transfer, petrochemical handling, and manufacturing, among others.

Cross Linked Polyethylene: Heavier than comparable hoses, this material is ideal for outdoor applications requiring durability.

Viton: Able to safely transport 90% of chemicals and function with both high and low temperature media while maintaining flexibility. Commonly used for outdoor applications requiring flexibility like tanker trucks or maritime conveyance.

Pure Gum: Pure Gum chemical and acid hoses have the flexibility to meet all the corrosive conditions. Pure Gum chemical hoses are also an old reserve in the plating industry.

EPDM: Multipurpose flexible chemical acid conducting hoses are mainly for chemical, paper industries, agricultural purposes and for industrial mining. However, they are not suitable for oil and gasoline industries.

Chloro Butyl: Popular lining option for food processing, non-oily media or applications that require the elimination of permeation.

Neoprene: Well suited for outdoor use where high levels of exterior durability are needed, Neoprene hoses can accommodate a variety of media temperatures. An economic option that provides a high level of chemical and oil resistance. Often used in the pharmaceutical or food and water processing applications. Can be used in environments requiring oil resistance.

PTFE: These Teflon lined specialty hoses provide the highest level of temperature and corrosion resistance amongst any other rubber hoses available. Often paired with Teflon encapsulated couplings that eliminate fluid content with metal components. Offers a wide variety of FDA and 3-A-compliant transfer uses.

Metal: See our resources on metal hoses