Onsite Safety, Reliability and Product Line Survey

Our highly trained specialist will meet with you at your site to conduct a complete analysis of safety, reliability, and product life for your chemical transfer hose and component parts. Each program application is different and only so much can be conveyed through email or phone. Often an in-person survey can provide a helpful check to ensure that the design intent of your chemical system’s transfer components are performing in the manner you expect. This service allows review of the full system rather than just a specific review of the hose tube to application.

We recommend different cadences for this type of onsite survey depending on scale and type of the chemical transfer program. At the end of the survey, we send an electronic report of the findings to the customer.

When planning to reduce the likelihood of a chemical leak, avoiding catastrophic failure of chemical media, and ensuring the reliability of products you’re using to convey chemical product, this ounce of low-cost preventative maintenance is worth a pound of correcting an expensive problem down the road.

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Custom Chemical Hose Assemblies

Oftentimes an industrial chemical process requires a level of customization that goes beyond selecting a hose tube. When there’s a myriad of considerations: media pressure, temperature, consistency of internal conditions, external conditions, handling requirements, etc. you want to have the support of a specialist. At Hose Fab Shop our trained team can work with you directly to select the perfect component parts that will help maximize useful life. These parts include fitting type, locking options, gasket material, hose tube and cover among others.

Beyond the design and selection phase we pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service throughout the industrial life of a system’s component parts. Rest assured that you can always pick up the phone, send an email or use our chat feature to get an answer in real time. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and capabilities before and after “the buy button” with customers across the Southeast and beyond.

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Purchase Chemical Hose Assemblies and Parts

Is it crimped, pressure tested, made in-house, with a chemical gasket, grounded, and fully compatible with your specific industrial fluid transfer application?

Whether you buy a chemical hose assembly from Hose Fab Shop or another supplier make sure the answer to those 6 important questions is always yes. At HFS you can be sure any chemical hose assembly leaving one of our facilities undergoes that rigorous quality control process.

Utilizing the latest in chemical hose fabrication technology, investing in the highest quality inventory, and providing outstanding customer service have never been more important than they are today. At Pioneer Rubber and Hose Fab Shop these traits have differentiated our ability to create value for customers since the 1970s.  

With our Hose Fab Shop ecommerce portal, we are excited to provide a quick and easy way to buy popular chemical hose assemblies at various lengths and fitting configurations. Shop our offering with the comfort of knowing that we have the material in stock, make the chemical transfer hose assembly in-house, and have the underlying expertise to help with any questions arise in real time.

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Holistic Chemical Compatibility Analysis

A hose tube is constructed from many different materials and compounds even before component parts are assembled into a chemical hose assembly. Each of these variables interacts with various media types and environments in different capacities.

Every piece of material transferring highly corrosive chemicals must be conducive to the chemical as well as the internal and external environments in order to realize the useful life of the system and ensure a safe chemical transfer system.

In person, or through one of our many communication channels we can walk you through a step-by-step review of the media transfer being completed in your application and how each component part may or may not be optimized to accommodate that conveyance. Our goal is to provide our customers with optional considerations so that even the most acidic chemical transfers in rigorous use cases can be safely conveyed and realize the full value of their useful life.

Example. A chemical compatibility check is often done independently via chemical compatibility charts between the media being conveyed and the hose tube material. Beyond that pivotal question, the rest of the system can at times go unevaluated. Usually, a UHMW-PE hose can convey certain types of sulfuric acid, but at what percent concentration is it being conveyed, fitting configuration requirement, gasket used, securing assembly process (crimped or banded), what temperature is the media, does it frequently disconnect, at what pressure, and for how long? At different levels, each of these variables render the UHMW-PE unsuitable for what would have otherwise been considered safe use.

All pieces matter in the design intent of your program and go far beyond the conventional concept of just pairing a hose material with a chemical being transferred. One of our experts can provide efficient real time guidance to help find answers to those questions quickly. 

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Custom Gaskets and Industrial Hoses

We pride ourselves on not just making, but also becoming experts on a variety of industrial solutions. In this fast-paced environment where needs occur in real time we have the resources, inventory, and human capital to make the right custom solution fast.

Custom Gaskets – We are a leader in manufacturing custom gaskets of various sizes and material types for a variety of OEM and MRO uses. OEM and MRO industries served include power generation, food processing, petrochemical, agricultural, and chemical manufacturing among others.

We employ the latest technology in industrial sealing with multiple CNC options, advanced CAD design, and nesting software. Our capabilities allow us to produce a prototype or thousands of parts quickly and cost effectively while representing the very best material suppliers. In total, our team has over 250 years of experience creating gaskets and custom parts. Shop our custom gasket site or submit a request here.

Other Custom Industrial Hose – Beyond chemical hose, one of our specialists can help design nearly any type of industrial hose, with custom fittings, lengths, ID, tube requirements, handling needs or any other specifications your application requires. These hose types include concrete hose, steam hose, ducting hose, water suction & discharge hose, hydraulic hose, material handling hose, petro hose, air hose, and almost any other specialty hose you can think of, all constructed by us and shipped from one of our 3 facilities across that state of Georgia.

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Leak Diagnosis

Do you have an active leak in your chemical transfer hose? Finding where the leak is occurring and delineating between point of connection, tube, cover, bend point, fitting and seal can be an important diagnostic step in finding the right fix. Depending on where and what is causing the leak a different solution can be required.

At Hose Fab Shop we try to go beyond just calling out a leak by identifying the underlying problem to find future opportunities. This has resulted in several instances where value is realized through an extended useful life of our customer’s fluid transfer system and an elevated level of safety.

Example. An existing hose assembly starts to leak at a plant that manufactures adhesives. Cyanic acid, is the acidic chemical being conveyed and has started to drip near the fitting. It is assumed an incorrect crimp between the hose tube and fitting caused the leak. The hose is reordered and replaced without fully diagnosing the leak. 3 months later the leak occurs again from the same place. After full diagnosis it is established that not using a Viton gasket in the camlock has actually led to the leak rather than a faulty crimp. In this instance the correct diagnosis could have saved valuable time and cost.

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Hydrostatic Testing

We hydrostatic test every chemical hose assembly that leaves our facility and provide this pressure testing as a service.

It is imperative to make sure your chemical transfer hose is tested before installation, and at a minimum of once per year after installation, as part of your safety and standards program. This initial testing can identify manufacturing defects. Regular pressure testing of your existing hose assemblies can help identify unreliable points in the chemical transfer chain and avoid costly leaks or spills.

In certain cases, we can perform onsite testing of existing chemical transfer hoses.

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Fluid Transfer Failure Diagnosis

Imagine a paint and coating manufacturing plant working with ethylbenzene, toluene, and benzene among other solvents notices a failure in a recently installed chemical transfer hose. The hose is replaced with a more durable PTFE lined hose. After 6 months the hose assembly fails again frustrating the buyer and onsite technician. Upon examination the team realizes that while the PTFE lined hose replacement has held up well the gasket inside of the camlock was incompatible with their chemical process.

 Had the paint manufacturer correctly diagnosed the issue at the time of first failure they could have saved valuable replacement, product and downtime cost. Much attention is given to the tube liner in instances of failure, but for complicated chemical transfer programs failure can be caused by many different culprits.

If your chemical hose assembly has failed and you can’t identify the underlying cause of failure or has continued to fail after replacement, please get in touch with one of our experts. We can help diagnose the underlying issue to understand why the failure has occurred.

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