Specialty Fitting Configurations for Chemical Transfer Hose

Camlock fittings are the most common option for chemical hose assemblies, but there are a number of other options for special situations where a higher level of performance is necessary. 


Dry Disconnect Couplings

There are many chemical hose applications where it is not permissible to allow the chemical to leak or drip when a hose is disconnected. Multiple options are available in a range of sizes with several seal choices.

Dixon’s cam and groove style Bayco type dry disconnects use a spring-loaded poppet that will snap closed when disconnected to significantly reduce fluid loss. These dry disconnects are available in aluminum or stainless steel with various seal configurations and can be attached to any chemical hose. 

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Mann-Tek Dry Disconnects



Mann-Tek dry disconnects are the ultimate option for quick spill free connection and disconnection. Features include:

  • Built in swivel
  • All stainless steel and PTFE internals
  • Simple push and turn connection
  • Aluminum, stainless steel, and brass body versions
  • Replacement seal kits available




Commonly used in: industries where caustic or specialty acids are transferred including ink, adhesives, fatty acids, pharmaceuticals, liquid soaps, petroleum, chemicals, and agriculture.

Designed for environments where: no loss or spillage of liquids at connection or disconnection can occur due to value of media or environmental ramifications, drain hoses or pipe systems are not available, time savings are easy of handling during the connection and disconnection process are required

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Flanged connections 

In applications where the hose is used in a more or less permanent position, flanged ends may provide a margin of safety as they cannot be accidentally disconnected. Fixed and floating 150# ANSI flanges can be permanently crimped on to any hose to provide a more permanent leak free connection. A full range of gasket options are available for any application.


ChemJoint couplings

Campbell ChemJoint couplings offer several unique features and solve several problems often found with camlock couplings in some applications.

  • Connecting chemical hoses to AOD pumps. ChemJoints provide a simple screw together connection (only hand tight is required) that resists the vibration of an AOD pump better than a camlock.
  • Better flow rates than camlock connections
  • A great option for viscous materials
  • Easy way to dedicate hoses to a specific application
  • Can’t be accidentally disconnected

This unique fitting is available in a number of configurations—please contact us for individualized help with your application.


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