Teflon Encapsulated Rubber Hose

As the development of new chemical compounds continues to solve manufacturing and processing problems of the past, specialty hoses have played a larger role in the industrial chemical transfer marketplace. As one of the most specialized materials in that marketplace, PTFE hoses and PTFE or Teflon encapsulated fittings provide the answer to some of the most complicated chemical transfer needs our customer encounter. 


Benefits: Largely considered the most durable and resistant chemical hose available. These systems can be FDA approved leading to their use in food and pharmaceutical processing. Strong resistance to weathering and abrasion allows for a variety of use cases including exposure to outdoor elements or extreme exterior conditions. The Teflon lined tube provides significant resistance to temperatures extremes with the ability to withstand continuous media at up to 300F or below -30F. Helix wiring provides superior construction preventing collapse in the case of a vacuum. The versatile rubber chemical hose is a frequent candidate for use in the automotive industry where exposure to highly corrosive chemicals like ethanol, methanol, E85, nitromethane, or diesel blends must occur without degrading the tube lining. Frequently used as an acid transfer chemical hose in instances where the acidity of the media rises to a level not compatible with UHMW-PE hose. Working pressure is much high than other rubber chemical hoses. Can be assembled with fully Teflon encapsulated fittings or wetted fittings to create a chemical transfer system that allows the chemical being conveyed to fully avoid any contact with metal.


Considerations: Bend radius is higher than other chemical hoses which ultimately provides less handling flexibility than other rubber hoses available in the marketplace. Cost is considerably higher than other chemical hoses in the marketplace. Due to its specialty nature each hose is fully custom designed from top to bottom. This can create a longer lead time for delivery. Occasionally used to replace an existing chemical transfer system experiencing failure, but most often designed for a specifically engineered purpose involving extreme chemicals or extreme conditions. A Hose Fab Shop specialist is required to engineer the correct custom PTFE assembly based on information about the needed application. 


While these Teflon lined chemical transfer hoses have grown in popularity and seen more frequent use in the industrial marketplace, they should always be considered in cases where the media being transported cannot come into contact with metal. Teflon encapsulated fittings or fully wetted chemical hose fittings, as they are sometimes called, can be used in the creation of a fully Teflon encapsulated hose assembly.

Can be compared against XLPE chemical hose, UHMWPE chemical hose, Flexible oil hose, Mod-XLPE chemical hose, durable EPDM hose, high heat hose, and metal hose when evaluating our rubber hose chemical resistance chart

Since these hoses are the most specialized non-metal hoses in the marketplace we strongly recommend talking with our specialists to understand the relevant considerations for your specific application.