The Locking Durable EPDM chemical hose assemblies provide an extra layer of safety and protection to any chemical application. Designed to prevent instances of accidental disconnection these assemblies come with automatic locking arms, damage resistant pull rings, lock-out holes, patented hose stops, and precision machined hose shanks. This line of locking assemblies is most popular in instances where the chemical being transported is of high value or would be considered hazardous if inadvertent spillage occurred.

Designed to transport a majority of chemicals with higher acidity or corrosive composition this modified cross linked polyethylene hose has a corrugated EPDM cover that provides strong abrasion resistance as well as flexibility and light weight handling. Branded Continental Chemical One Orange Safety Hose. Cross linked wire helps prevent collapse. Can be steam cleaned. Commonly used in instances with elevated media temperature, potentially offers greater lifespan than UHMWPE lined hoses.

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