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Fully teflon encapsulated hose assembly can be custom constructed by our team. If your application requires a fully wetted chemical transportation solution that eliminates any possibility of the transport chemical interacting with metal we can help!

This Chemflex hose is used for high temperature media transport or the transport of corrosive chemicals that also require flexible handling, Chemflex Rubber Cover PTFE is a specialty teflon lined hose. PTFE hoses are commonly used for applications involving extremely aggressive chemicals that are not compatible with other chemical hose liner types. Encapsulated couplings are available that eliminate fluid contact with metal components. Offers a wide variety of FDA and 3-A-compliant transfer uses. Helix wire provides full vacuum service.


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Tube: FDA compliant Khemgard PTFE

Cover: Blue, ozone and weather resistant. Superior resistance to abrasion

Reinforcement: High tensile synthetic plies with an embedded helix wire

Temperature: -40°F to +300°F (-40°C to +149°C

PSI: 1" ID = 450 PSI | 1 1/2" ID = 350 PSI | 2" ID = 300 PSI | 3" ID = 200 PSI

BR: 1" ID = 4.7" BR | 1 1/2" ID = 7.1" BR | 2" ID = 9.06 | 3" ID = 16.9" BR 

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