$131.74 USD

EZ Boss-Lock Type B Stainless Steel coupler is resistant to accidental disconnection. The release lever opens in the direction opposite to the cam arm, so movements that tend to open the release lever also tend to close the cam arm. Designed to keep the locking device free of debris and withstand rugged use.

Type B adaptors are commonly used with a Type F adapter or socket of a similar size. Can be used for waste water, salt water, acid, diesel, gasoline, septic and hydraulic oil processing. Also effective in moderately dirty environments such as septic tank pump trucks and chemical or fuel tanker trucks. Locking levers allow seal between plug and socket to stay connected and avoid disconnecting by accident. Provides strong resistance to corrosion. Please consult with one of our specialist for specific chemical application recommendations. 

Material: 316 Stainless Steel

Part Number: RB200EZ

Female Coupling Size: 2" Inch

Male NPT Thread: 2" Inch

Branding: Dixon RB200EZ

Weight: 1.98 lbs

Dash Size: 32

Fitting Type: NPT

Max PSI: 250 PSI

Thread Size: 2" Inch -11.5

Gasket Material: Nitrile (Other gasket types available)

Includes EZ Boss-Lock Locking Arms